Call for Data on Soiling

Suspect Soiling Issues in Your PV Plant? Engage with European Experts to Find a Solution.

Share PV monitoring data for soiling analysis

SOILING ON PV PLANTS : one of the more relevant sources of performance losses

Soiling, the accumulation of dust and other particles on photovoltaic (PV) panels, is a significant concern in the solar energy industry, and therefore one of the field of work within SerendiPV. It can drastically reduce the efficiency of PV systems, leading to substantial energy and therefore financial losses. In fact, losses due to soiling have escalated from 4 billion euros in 2018 to an estimated 7 billion euros in 2023. Thus, the continuous measurement and monitoring of soiling levels in a PV plant are critical to maintain optimal energy production.


We invite your organization to join an ambitious European research project dedicated to advancing the field of solar photovoltaic energy. We are seeking companies/organizations willing to share monitoring data from their photovoltaic plants. This data will significantly enhance our research efforts, providing additional real-world context to test our developments and innovations.

What’s in it for you? What will be offered? 

In return for your valuable input, we commit to sharing the results of our analysis: you will get a soiling ratio analysis from your PV performance data, you will get results of different methods and a comparison of them. This will offer a unique opportunity for your organization to gain in-depth insights into your own systems.


A first deadline for applying to the call is fixed on the 31st of October.

data requirements

o Description of the PV plant (electrical architecture)
o PV module datasheet
o Irradiance in the plane of array measurement
o Location of sensors if numerous
o Module temperature measurement (if not available, ambient temperature)
o DC current measurement at plant, inverter or junction box level; if not available, DC power, otherwise AC power measurement
If you do not match all the criteria, please contact us to and we could schedule a call to check if you are eligible to join a call.

How to send the data

The data can be sent to the specific partners, detailed in the call, or to These data will be shared among the mentioned SerendiPV partner exclusively and will be stored in private folders of the CKAN database of the SerendiPV project.

Do you need more information on the SerendiPV soiling innovations?

Consult the webpage summarising the soiling innovations or consult the extended document presenting the collaboration call.


The list of the document can be downloaded at the following link and include:

  1. The soiling call for collaboration, in which all the requirements are detailed
  2. The extended version detailing the innovations in SerendiPV 
  3. Formulary for participating in the call
    1. Formulary.docx (updated 13/11/2023)
Please read carefully the document and contact us in case of doubts.

how to participate?

Please send an email to the to complete the formulary for participating in the call and you will receive support for completing the rest of the documents.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Please send your questions to Simone Vitale ( We will post relevant questions and answers below for everyone’s information.

Days before closing the call