Your organization is invited to participate in Serendi-PV, an ambitious European research project focused on advancing solar photovoltaic energy. The project aims to design, test, and deploy cutting-edge technology to maximize the efficiency of photovoltaic power plants.

We are seeking partnerships with companies willing to share operational data from their PV plants in exchange of free performance analyses. This data will significantly enhance our research efforts, providing real-world context to test our developments and innovations.

How to contribute to the project

We would just need production and operating conditions data, preferably for periods of one year or longer. Additionally, you can provide us with your initial production expectations for comparative analysis. In exchange for your valuable input, we will identify any deviations in the generation and losses chains with respect to the initial estimates, allowing us to provide you with recommendations for improvement and ultimately increase the efficiency of your solar plants.

What’s in it for you?

By participating, your company will not only contribute to pushing the boundaries of solar energy efficiency but also stand at the forefront of the energy transition, strengthening your competitive advantage in the renewable energy market. We look forward to your positive response and a successful partnership.

All data shared will be handled in accordance with European data protection regulations to ensure the security of your information and its use solely for research purposes.