Collaborative Platform for Simulation and Monitoring (COPLASIMON)

A collaborative platform open to all the stakeholders from the solar energy community

This collaborative platform has been created in the framework of the European R&D H2020 project SERENDI-PV. It is aimed at fostering collaboration on photovoltaic research in topics related to SERENDI-PV.

In order to accelerate the pace towards high-penetration of PV in Europe and apart from the purely technical issues covered by SERENDI-PV, the project is setting up accompanying measures to lower the existing barriers to PV development.

This collaborative platform will constitute a vehicle for collaboration between the partners of SERENDI-PV and the other relevant stakeholders from the solar energy community. This platform deals with topics such as simulation, design, data analytics, QC and grid integration.


Different ways to collaborate

Sharing data
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Sharing APIs and code
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