The accurate knowledge of solar resource is a key parameter for solar energy applications. At SERENDI-PV, we are working on the development of better solar resource data, including important considerations such as advanced treatment of aerosol data, could cover, snow cover, etc.

In COPLASIMON, we will develop a web-based meta-information system that will summarise and provide links to major existing public sources of ground measured solar resource, meteorological and atmospheric data, relevant to solar industry, worldwide. The information will be maintained and updated. In addition, we will provide a set of time series and derived data products for a selection of sites across all geographic regions and climate zones. To the extent possible, the novel model data will be collocated with public measurement sites so that academia and industry have opportunities to use both streams of data (measured and modelled) for development, testing and validation.

What solar resource data will be available?

How to contribute?

If you possess on-site data measurements of solar resource in general, including solar irradiance, temperature, wind speed, humidity, snow cover, albedo, etc., we would welcome an exchange on your data. If your data are of high-quality and of interest to the partners of SERENDI-PV or to other members from the solar energy community, in exchange for your data, you could obtain collaboration on quality control and cross-comparisons between your data and other sources of data, based on satellite or on ground measurements. Please contact us if you think that a collaboration could be possible.