In this collaborative effort, we aim to develop and validation reliable and accurate models to evaluate the yield of PV systems, and especially for new technologies, along with a better estimation of related uncertainties, and their consequences on financial models, at both plant and portfolios levels.
The actual modelling works will address energy losses which are currently not well evaluated: soiling, snow and degradation. The modelling of new technologies (bifacial, floating and BIPV) will be dealt with in this task. The evaluation of technical uncertainties will also be covered, as well as their influence on financial models. Finally, the integration of the results in commercial solutions will be explored. A beta version of some of these novel simulation tools will be available from this platform when suitable.

We we focus on simulation models regarding these specificities:

How to collaborate:

In the context of the development and validation of our novel simulation models, we are looking for more reliable field measurement data to be compared with the outputs of the energy simulations. Therefore, if you possess reliable and original data, for example for novel PV technologies such as bifacial PV, floating PV, or BIPV, or if you possess accurate measurements of certain types of data such as albedo, spectral irradiance, complex shading profiles, etc., we encourage you to contact us. In exchange for the data, if your data is of interest for other members of the collaborative task, you might receive in-depth analyses of your data for free in return.