SERENDI-PV is developing new procedures for PV forecasting.

The objective is the improvement of PV power forecasting tools as input for energy management,
trading and for grid management by TSOs and DSOs. More specifically, the tasks will aim at:
1. Reduction of uncertainties of short-term forecasting, representing the time horizon of 15 min up to
9 days ahead and nowcasting, representing the time horizon of 1 to 30 minutes ahead. Special focus
will be made to improve forecasting for conditions of increased presence of snow, fog and dust.
2. Adaptation of new simulation tools developed for new technologies (bifacial, floating PV and BIPV)
within WP2 for more accurate forecasting and nowcasting services.
3. Optimization of complex power plants simulations for operational forecasting needs
4. Investigation of spatial averaging effects and enhanced solutions to forecasting of aggregated PV
power output at different geographical scales (neighbourhoods, cities, distribution grids, grid nodes, transmission grid, virtual power plants).