Aspire is an IA diagnosis software developed by CEA based on RGB and InfraRed images analysis. It has three functional blocks:

  • PV module detection from pictures
  • Faults detection and classification, at module and plant levels
  • Estimation of power losses

Currently, the software detects automatically the PV modules using segmentation based on the determination of the PV module edges. An algorithm then detects faults based on the signature masks for each fault type and the electrical architecture of the plant.

The following document is an overview of Aspire’s functionalitites.


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The following video shows the different operations to run an analysis with Aspire software:

  1. Creation of a project, importation of pictures, setting of parameters and characteristics of the plant
  2. Analysis with autosegmentation to identify the PV modules
  3. Analysis with partitioning, selection of area to be analysed
  4. Analysis of a specific PV module, view of defects through RGB and IR pictures, power loss estimation
  5. Management of several analyses and export of the results

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